Wiz & Bush
*** Wiz modeling the only jumpsuit M. Barzani owns!!!
Dr. Michael Arkmann Bonilla - Biblical Archaeologist & Author
Wiz & Arkman - Pre RV!!!
*** Both Arkman & Wiz (Ark's digging partner)
aspiring to acquire their own Lowe's store.
Wiz & Arkman - Post RV!!!
*** Both Arkman & Wiz (Ark's digging partner) are
now the new proud owners of Wiz & Ark's
Home Improvement Warehouse
Joe, Obama & Arkman!!!
President Obama is praising Wang Dang and his
mods for continued excellence in providing solid
intel & understanding to the entire "dinar" community.
Arkman modeling Wiz's flagship and exclusive line
of clothing known as "The Barzani's (pre-washed)
Jumpsuit",  coming to a city near you.  Wiz highly
recommends that you purchase several jumpsuits
so that no one might think you wear the same old
one... i.e. Massoud Barzani!
* Massoud Barzani (Kurdish: مەسعوود بارزانی) is
the current President of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region
and the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party
** I was inspired by Wang Dang to come up with these graphics!!! -Ark